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Replication and High-Availability Consultancy


In today's internet, it is disappointing even when a blog goes down for a couple of minutes. Add that to complex infrastructures with high expectancies from end-users and enterprise customers, you don't want your system to be offline even for a second.

Network Level

Getting high available on the network level requires BGP knowledge, designing the system with failover VPN tunnels, Global Server Load Balancing solutions, clustered operating systems and clustered firewalls. All of this requires certain expertise of different fields.

Database Level

Some systems require multiple master databases, whereas some systems require single master and multiple slave databases. On certain conditions switchovers of master/slave nodes need to be automatic. Under some circumstances, it is a must to have the replicated database on the other side of the globe. Some databases can be replicated on binary log levels, while some with table based triggers, on the disk level, or even on the operating system level. Believe it or not, these are all possible on PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL and more...

Application Level

Deploying applications to multiple locations sounds like an easy task but can get out of hand quiet easily. There are multiple ways of achieving this depending on your infrastructure and budgest, which we can offer a variaty of solutions.

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