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Merchant Cyber-security


Effortless Security Monitoring

Merchant Cyber-security provides continuous, hassle-free monitoring of the digital presence of merchants. The system autonomously scans attack surfaces without the need for intricate integrations, delving deep into the complex web of cyber threats.

Prioritizing Merchant Safety

Recognizing the nuanced nature of risks, meticulous evaluation is employed. Every merchant undergoes scrutiny, with risks systematically prioritized. The outcome is a clear, prioritized risk matrix, guiding immediate attention to high-priority issues.

Clarity Over Dashboard

Simplicity underpins cyber-security. The user-friendly dashboard presents results comprehensibly, free from technical jargon. It offers clear insights, enabling swift, well-informed decisions.

Expert Curation

A dedicated team of cyber-security experts is available for curating results, providing insights, and guiding the process, catering to varying expertise levels.

Empowering Merchants

The commitment to clarity extends to merchants. Scan reports are detailed yet easily understood, complemented by step-by-step solution articles. Cybersecurity is made accessible, ensuring merchants can navigate and resolve issues with ease.

Seamless Communication

Effective communication is pivotal in cybersecurity. The system facilitates direct reporting to merchants on the platform itself via invitation links, promoting a proactive approach to risk mitigation.