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360° Merchant Acquiring

Unlock the potential of lightning-fast merchant integration with the AI-driven 360° Merchant Acquiring platform.

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Empower your merchant acquiring with our cutting-edge solution designed to reduce onboarding time significantly. Enhance risk management, fraud prediction and content compliance while delivering online payment gateways to merchants applying for POS. Streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and elevate your capabilities with our innovative solution tailored for Acquirers seeking a competitive edge in the dynamic payments landscape.

Fraud Assessment

Conduct a thorough Fraud Assessment tailored according to global and local regulations and evaluate potential risks in merchant applications. Our tools utilize advanced analytics for insightful scrutiny, providing Acquirers with detailed reports on demand, ensuring a secure merchant network.

POS Eligibility Evaluation

Simplify the POS application process with our efficient POS Eligibility Evaluation. Assess merchant eligibility quickly, reducing onboarding time while delivering accurate results like Terms and Conditions Consistency, Payment Page Activity and Checkout Experience.

Product Content Evaluation

Analyze merchant product content automatically, ensuring effective showcasing while conducting vital checks like prohibited goods, counterfeit products, and pricing average on the market and detecting MCC, providing crucial insights for Acquirers.

Compliance Monitoring

Navigate regulatory landscapes, seamlessly with our Compliance Monitoring solution, including merchant PCI-DSS. Assess merchant compliance status on demand, ensuring adherence to regulations without the need for manuel oversight.

AML/Sanction Screening

Fortify defenses against financial crime with thorough AML/Sanction Screening. Conduct assessments as needed to identify and prevent money laundering and sanction breaches.

Cyber Risk Mitigation

Strengthen against cyber threats with our proactive Cyber Risk Analysis, emphasizing our dedication to preventing card data breaches. Identify and remediate cyber risks strategically, crucial for merchant website security responsibilities of Acquirers.

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