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360° Merchant Acquiring

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Unlock the potential of lightning-fast merchant integration with the AI-driven 360° Merchant Acquiring platform. Experience reduced onboarding times to mere minutes, all while ensuring robust cybersecurity, content compliance, MCC categorization, and fraud prediction.

Identify Cyber Risks

Safeguard your online business against an ever-evolving array of cyber threats. Cutting-edge technology scans your e-commerce platform to detect vulnerabilities, identify potential attack surfaces, and assess the overall risk landscape. Stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries, ensuring the resilience of your online enterprise.

Streamlined Cybersecurity Assessment

Automated assessment and fortification of applicant websites ensure protection against evolving threats. Advanced AI scans identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your merchants' digital defenses.

Meticulous Content Compliance

Content is at the heart of e-commerce. The platform goes beyond onboarding, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Product listings, pricing structures, and website credibility are analyzed to verify authenticity and adherence to guidelines.

Effortless MCC Categorization and Fraud Prediction

Understanding the Merchant Category Code (MCC) is pivotal in acquiring. The platform effortlessly categorizes merchants based on MCCs, helping identify potentially risky businesses swiftly. Advanced fraud prediction algorithms detect fraudulent activities, safeguarding your interests and reputation.

Efficiency Meets Accuracy

The platform thrives on efficiency without compromising accuracy. Data-driven insights and AI's unparalleled processing capabilities provide lightning-fast results. From website reputation checks to real-time MCC categorization, every aspect of merchant integration is optimized, allowing you to focus on growth.

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