Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Notice

Onlayer Information Technologies Inc. (“PCI Checklist”) would like to emphasize the utmost importance we place on the privacy and security of your personal life and information as valued users. In accordance with Article 10 of the “Personal Data Protection Law,” which regulates personal data, we aim to inform you about how and for what purposes we collect your personal data, whom we may transfer it to and for what purposes, and your legal rights.

Method of Personal Data Collection and Processing Purposes

Your personal data may be collected through non-automatic means, as well as automatically or as part of our data recording system, when you visit our website ( and, use our services (“Services”), create a trial account, purchase our Services, fill out the forms available on our website to obtain information about our Services, make changes to your account information, and communicate with us regarding our Services.

The personal data you provide to us through these methods, including but not limited to your name, surname, telephone number, company name, and email address, is processed based on the legal grounds provided by Article 5, Paragraph 2 (a) (clearly prescribed by the legislation) and (c) (mandatory for the establishment and performance of the contract) of the Personal Data Protection Law, and it is transferred to our technical service providers within the country for the purpose of creating your user account, performing our Services, and collecting Service fees.

Furthermore, our company, based on these legal grounds, processes and may transfer your personal data to ensure that you can safely use our website, carry out your transactions securely, detect, prevent, or investigate activities constituting fraud or deception, security breaches, or suspicious or illegal activities, communicate with you regarding your Account or our Services, and provide customer services.

Additionally, our company may process and transfer your personal data for promotional and marketing purposes if you provide explicit consent. We would like to emphasize that if you share personal data belonging to third parties with our company, it is your responsibility to inform these individuals and, if required by law, obtain their explicit consent.

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