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Merchant Risk Life-Cycle

Elevate merchant risk management by comprehensive monitoring and AI-based risk prediction.

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Automate risk management with our Merchant Risk-Life Cycle platform. By gathering 360 degrees merchant insights and correlating them with AI, track changes easily, receive alerts and manage risks accurately.

Dynamic POS Eligibility Assessment

Streamline ongoing monitoring with POS Eligibility Evaluation, integrating AI for swift assessments and intelligent data correlation. Adaptively assess changes in merchant eligibility, ensuring effortless merchant portfolio management.

Fraud Detection and Analysis

Thoroughly analyze merchant online presence, such as online payment pages, product variations and terms and conditions. Detecting potential fraud risks, promptly get alerts to mitigate the impact of fraudulent merchant activities.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Navigate regulatory landscapes effortlessly with the Compliance Monitoring tool, enhanced by AI insights and sophisticated data correlation. Stay informed about changes in merchant compliance status, ensuring ongoing adherence to global and local regulations like PCI-DSS without the need for constant oversight.

Social Media Monitoring

In the digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in a merchant's online presence. Social media channels are monitored, tracking mentions, conversations, and potential red flags. This real-time insight allows you to gauge the reputation of your merchants, detect any concerning activity, and act swiftly.

MCC Changes Tracking

Understanding changes in Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) is crucial for risk assessment. Vigilance is maintained over MCC fluctuations among your merchants. Sudden shifts can indicate changes in business activities or potential risks, empowering you to make informed decisions about risk mitigation.

Online Status Assessment

The online presence of your merchants can fluctuate, impacting your risk exposure. Continuous assessments of your merchants' online status are provided. Keeping a close eye on changes in website availability, you'll have the data you need to respond promptly to any unusual or anomalous transactions.

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