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Merchant E-Commerce Eligibility

Ensuring merchant eligibility for e-commerce requires a thorough assessment of various criteria that define readiness for online commerce. This comprehensive solution streamlines the process, enabling acquirers to make efficient decisions.


Evaluating E-commerce Infrastructure

To determine e-commerce eligibility, the platform conducts a comprehensive assessment of a merchant's online infrastructure. This includes examining the presence of an active payment page, the ability for consumers to place orders seamlessly, and the availability of terms and conditions. Deeper analysis covers factors like supported currencies, languages, and the Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) associated with the applicant.

Screenshots for Insight

The proprietary engine goes beyond mere checks by taking real-time screenshots of each critical page on the merchant's website. This includes the payment page, product listings, and any encountered irregularities. These screenshots provide invaluable insights into the state of the merchant's website at the time of assessment.

Automated Eligibility Assessment

Once the data is collected, the engine performs a comprehensive evaluation of the merchant's e-commerce eligibility. This assessment not only ensures compliance with industry standards but also identifies potential areas of concern. Acquirers can rely on this automated process to replace time-consuming manual checks, enabling faster decision-making.

Snapshot of Merchant's Profile

The information collected during the eligibility assessment offers a snapshot of the merchant's profile. This includes a visual representation of their website, which can prove invaluable for acquirers. Additionally, insights into the product categories the merchant offers give acquirers a clearer understanding of the businesses they are partnering with.

Empowering Acquirers

The Merchant E-commerce Eligibility solution is designed to empower acquirers by automating the evaluation process and providing a holistic view of potential merchant partners. It not only saves time but also ensures acquirers have the necessary information to make informed decisions.