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Merchant E-Commerce Fraud

Protect your online business with the advanced solution, detecting and preventing fraudulent merchants to ensure secure e-commerce transactions and maintain trust in your digital marketplace.


Predictive Fraud Prevention

The primary aim of this solution is to empower acquirers with the ability to predict and identify potential fraudulent merchants proactively. This is accomplished through the integration of advanced AI-assisted data gathering techniques, which meticulously analyze information sourced from both the merchant's website and data collected across the web.

Comprehensive Verification Checks

This solution conducts a comprehensive examination, delving deep into the digital presence of the merchant to ensure legitimacy and authenticity:

Product Validity Assessment

Rigorous evaluation of the legitimacy of the products on offer is a key component. By analyzing the coherence of the products available for sale, it ensures they align with industry norms and expectations.

Comparative Pricing Evaluation

Pricing logic is meticulously examined, along with comparisons to local market prices. Any anomalies, such as artificial, unrealistic or irrelevant pricing are promptly detected.

Terms and Conditions Scrutiny

Documents presented, such as terms and conditions, return policies, privacy policies, terms of service, are analyzed for appropriateness and consistency. This ensures that merchants utilize and publish original and consistent policies and allows detection of anomalies or irregularities.