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Merchant Fingerprinting for CPP

In the landscape of payment processing, the ability to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats is paramount for acquirers. Common Purchase Points (CPPs) are pivotal in this context. Merchant Fingerprint for CPP, equips acquirers with powerful tools to enhance risk detection and security significantly.


Unlocking the Power of CPP Analysis

CPPs represent the common denominators in data breaches and fraudulent activities. This advanced engine leverages the intelligence gathered from these incidents to uncover hidden patterns and correlations. Consequently, it can pinpoint previously unknown and undetected risk factors and potential breaches, all while aiding in the identification of fraudulent activities.

A Strategic Advantage for Acquirers

Merchant Fingerprint for CPP is a game-changer for acquirers, providing them with the ability to detect undisclosed points of risk. By drawing on insights from known affected merchants, this proactive approach strengthens security measures and risk mitigation strategies.

Key Benefits of Merchant Fingerprint for CPP